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On Friday, April 20th, three days after Governor Nathan Deal announced a handshake agreement between Piedmont Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, the two organizations put ink to paper and signed the new agreement. The agreement ensures that Anthem Blue Cross members can see their Piedmont doctors and visit Piedmont hospitals as “in network” without incurring higher out-of-pocket costs, including covering visits and services delivered since April 1.

While Piedmont will begin calling some patients, all patients who canceled or delayed care during the time of disruption are encouraged to call their Piedmont doctor to reschedule or use the provider search below to find a Piedmont provider and schedule online.

We sincerely appreciate Governor Deal’s assistance in bringing the parties together and creating a higher sense of urgency toward resolution.

Preserving the relationship between the patient and their preferred healthcare provider has been our number one goal during this entire negotiation. We know this has been difficult for our patients, and we are sorry for that. Please know that we did everything in our power to avoid a disruption in your care. We understand the value of your trust.

If patients need to confirm their in-network status with Anthem Blue Cross or make sure that they have been reassigned to their Piedmont primary care physician, they should call the Anthem Blue Cross number on the back of their medical benefits card.

Thank you for choosing Piedmont.

Piedmont Healthcare