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NOTICE: This information does not impact Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans, except at Piedmont Newton Hospital.

Piedmont Healthcare is currently in discussions with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (Anthem/Blue Cross) on a new contract for our patients who have Anthem/Blue Cross commercial (employer-sponsored and non-employer-sponsored individual/family) health plans and for Medicare Advantage plans at Piedmont Newton Hospital.  Anthem is a for-profit company that owns Blue Cross and Blue Shield in 14 states.

Our current contract ends on March 31, 2018. If we can’t reach an agreement by that time, starting April 1, 2018, all Piedmont Clinic physicians and Piedmont Healthcare hospitals (with the exception of Piedmont Rockdale and Piedmont Columbus Regional) will be considered out of network for all Anthem Blue Cross commercial health plan members.

Fair contracts with health insurers are vital to the long-term financial sustainability of healthcare providers, like Piedmont. In order to adequately invest in our communities and provide the high-quality care our patients deserve and rely on, we depend on fair contracts that allow us to keep up with inflation and increasing prescription drug costs. We’ve made a commitment to preserve and improve access to quality healthcare across communities in Georgia, but we need fair and reasonable contracts with health insurers to do so.

It’s important to know that for now, nothing changes. Patients with Anthem/Blue Cross health plans may continue to visit Piedmont facilities and physicians as they normally would.

We’re committed to reaching a fair agreement that avoids any disruption in your care, and will continue to keep the community informed as these discussions progress. For that reason, we’ve created this website.

If you would like to be notified when there are updates, use the Contact Us form on this site to submit your email.

Thank you for choosing Piedmont, and thank you for helping us let Anthem/Blue Cross know that you want to Keep Piedmont.

Piedmont Healthcare